Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon

PUMA Legend Linford Christie urges people to come out and run

– Jamaican-born British sprinter says he is excited to be back to India again –

With less than 48 hours before the Race Day of 2017 Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, PUMA Legend Linford Christie urged people to come out and run at the event. One of Europe’s greatest sprinters ever, Linford said he was excited to come back for what was his fourth visit to India.

“What’s important is to get people out. What they do otherwise sitting at home. Sit at home and vegetate,” said Linford speaking to the media here. “It’s great to be back again in India. I always look forward to come as I have always enjoyed my time in India,” the 1992 Men’s 100M Olympics Champion added.

One of Europe’s greatest 100m sprinter, Christie became the Olympic 100m Champion after winning the Gold Medal in Barcelona, 1992. In an International career spanning seventeen years, Christie won 23 major championship medals for Great Britain and also became the only British athlete to have won Gold medals in the 100 metres at all four major competitions and was the first European to have run sub ten seconds.

Speaking about his biggest career achievement Christie said 1993 World Championships is his fondest memory. “I enjoyed the 1993 World Championships the most. It was the toughest race of my career. Many considered I won the 1992 Olympics Gold Medal because Carl wasn’t there so I had to prove that it wasn’t a fluke in ’93 Worlds,” Christie recalled.

The PUMA legend also spoke on importance of having a balanced life outside the sport. “If your life outside sport is balanced then your life in sport is well balanced. I’ve kept same friends and same people around. If all those things are smooth, it always allowed me to focus and run,” explained Chrisite.

Speaking of the next superstar in athletics Christie felt their sport made a mistake by hailing Usain Bolt and Mo Farah as the greatest and not identifying the next in line to whom the baton could be passed. “The public feels why should we come and watch your sport when the greatest have retired. Now they will have to wait for years to find a guy who is so dominant and wait to promote him. It will take a year or two,” explained Christie adding that its an open field which also is good for the sport.