Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon

At the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2019- Philanthropy Meet & Greet (L to R), Vivek Singh-Jt.MD, Procam International, Wg Cdr M A Afraz (Retd), Founder & Trustee, Honourpoint Foundation, Himani Monalisa Dutta, popular RJ with AIR Rainbow FM representing Pinkishe Foundation, Amit Lakhani, President, Men’s Welfare Trust, Dhruv Mehra – Class 12 Student, fundraising for Etasha Society, Vishal Dube, Macquarie Group – supporting The Naz Foundation (India) Trust at ADHM, Meena Dave, CEO, India Cares Foundation and Arati Kakatkar-VP, Procam International.

In a heart-warming gesture that reflects the spirit of Delhi, an impressive INR 6.50 crore has been raised for charity at the 15th edition Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, the world’s premier IAAF Gold Label half marathon race to be held on 20 October 2019. This mass participation event is today one of the largest sporting platforms for charity in India. 

The ADHM philanthropy pillar driven by India Cares Foundation has seen phenomenal growth.  The event has successfully raised over INR 70 crore since its inception making lives better through 300+ CSOs/ NGOs.  

India Cares, engages 24/7 with CSOs, companies, and individuals from as early as June and continues working weeks after Race Day, to communicate the work and impact of philanthropy at the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon to the rest of the Society. 

This year, in 2019 edition of the event, 105 Civil Society Organizations (CSOs/ NGOs) are reaching out through the platform to create awareness about their work and serve as an inspiration to all. 62 companies have fielded 98 teams, 52 Care Champions, 9 Millennial Champions and 6 Youth Cares Teams along with 386 iCare fundraisers have together raised and contributed Rs 6.50 crore.


86,281 individuals’ lives have had a positive impact through the contributions made in ADHM 2018.

Individuals impacted in Causes Funds raised in


Health          477
Children       1,160
Elderly       2,042
Environment and Animal Welfare       2,300
Empowerment/Vocational Training       3,430
Girl Child & Women       6,077
Community Development     12,383
Differently Abled     19,365
Education      39,047

The support received for the causes at ADHM has taken a new and better turn with more involvement from the participating causes, from companies, individuals and of course the Running community.  For the first time we have some well-known personalities coming out in support of causes, double the number of  21k and 10k runners and a record 40+ youth fundraising for various causes. The Society is moving towards being more caring and supportive through ADHM’ –Murray Culshaw, Chairperson, India Cares.

Adding to this, Vivek Singh, Jt, Managing Director, Procam International shared, “Year-on-year, we engage in social causes that requires attention and it swells our hearts with pride and gratitude towards people who extend their support for these causes with their generosity. It is overwhelming to receive support from the citizens who believe in our cause and we hope to make a positive impact on thousands of lives this year too through these meaningful contributions.”

ADHM is the largest opportunity to the CSOs/ NGOs to be a part of the Society, talk about their work and get support. Funds can raised even after Race Day till 30 October. 

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