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Minty Orange Soy Smoothie

This quick drink, which comes with the protein content in the tiny chia seeds along with soya milk, will help fuel the repair of your worked-out tissues and muscles. While the Vitamin C in orange juice will help boost your immunity post a stressful workout, the mint leaves will keep you refreshed.

Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Serves: 1


Orange juice 50ml
Soya milk 100ml
Almond milk 75ml
Apple 25gm
Mint leaves 12-15 sprigs
Chia seeds 2 tsp

method of preparation

1. Soak the chia seeds for overnight in water.

2. Add the remaining ingredients, along with the soaked chia seeds, to a blender and blitz to get a well-blended drink.

3. Pour it into a glass and relish it!

Note: Feel free to adjust the consistency as per your taste.

*Nutritional values per serving: Per serve = 1 glass (250 mL)
Energy (kcal)169.55
Carbohydrates (g) 18.6
Proteins (g)4.1
Fats (g)5.86

*Nutrition values represented here are only approximate values based on theoretical calculations