Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon

Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2014 helps raise over INR 3.67 crores for charity

On 23 November 2014 New Delhi proudly hosted the seventh edition of the world’s most prestigious Airtel Delhi Half Marathon (ADHM), an event that continues to give thousands of people from different age groups, nationalities and occupations an opportunity to celebrate a sport that is taking India by storm.

It was a day filled with the spirit of triumph, fantastic achievement and victories where many new running records were created. The run witnessed record participation and the introduction of an improved philanthropy platform that is an integral part of the respected event.

New Philanthropy Partner India Cares Foundation took forward this year’s project at ADHM through a host of initiatives.

Non-Governmental adhmOrganizations (NGOs) supported by India Cares witnessed increased support from individuals and organizations, and successfully raised INR 3.67 crores through the 2014 event.

The funds will help set up libraries in Leh, educate children in rural Uttarakhand and Tamil Nadu, support the disabled in Chennai, women and children in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, and conduct Health Camps in Orissa, apart from supporting individuals around the NCR Region. Through the event, New Delhi has indeed proved itself as a Capital that helps support a number of causes across the land.

Murray Culshaw, Chairperson, India Cares Foundation said, “The warmth and wholehearted support provided by every person, NGO, and company involved developing the philanthropy part of the run was a boon to us as it was our first time as a philanthropy partner for the event in New Delhi.

We would like to thank every donor, NGO and Corporate team member who ran for a cause and has shown their appreciation for the support we provided. We are sure that Delhi has the potential to support and contribute much more for the less fortunate of our society. We will witness that in future editions of ADHM.”

The Giving Strata: The Corporate Challenge Category had 60 companies fielding 83 teams. Together, these teams raised more than INR 2.29 crores (INR 2,29,66,654). Fluor Daniel won the ‘Company with Highest Employee Contribution’ tag, raising INR 5.02 lakh in support of Khushboo Welfare Society.

Nine Dream Challengers, 14 Dream Makers, three Youth Cares Teams together raised over INR 82.15 lakh this year.

Dwarka Pandurangi and George Mathen were the highest individuals amongst the Dream Teamers this year, raising a stunning INR 10.71 lakh and INR 7.98 lakh in favour of Vidya Sagar and Bharti Foundation respectively. Urvi Maheshwari, at 14 years of age, emerged as the Youngest Dream Teamer and raised INR 2.03 lakh in support of Concern India Foundation.

In the iPledge category with over 100 individuals reaching out to their family and friends, the single largest pledge raiser was Richard Rekhy, who raised INR 7.50 lakh in support of Concern India Foundation, followed by Vaibhav Morarka, who raised INR 3.40 lakh in support of Khushboo Welfare Society.

Bharti Foundation emerged the highest pledge raising NGO once again with INR 89.12 lakh, while Concern India Foundation was second with INR 26.72 lakh, followed by Khushboo Welfare Society that was the highest pledge raising NGO with INR 21.58 lakh.

Commenting on charity at Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, Vivek Singh, Joint Managing Director of Procam International, the promoters of the event said, “I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to each of the 2308 individuals who have contributed to a cause of their choice. Whatever the sum, I’m certain it will make a significant difference in the lives of the underprivileged. That’s what matters. We are proud that while the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon continues to spread the message of health and wellness in the community, the run is also proving to be a significant platform to help make life better through the funds it raises.”

ADHM has steadily developed into the capital city’s most awaited sporting and social event and one that has helped bring Delhi together like never before. People from all strata of society make use of a common platform in celebration of the human spirit.

In its seven-year history, the run has helped raise a total of INR 22.07 crores for the less fortunate. Runners continue to be motivated by the spirit to compete, but even more so by the knowledge that their physical efforts will result in positive change for countless people less fortunate.


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