Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon


97 Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to benefit from the financial support

The ninth edition of the prestigious Airtel Delhi Half Marathon came to a befitting end, as Procam International and India Cares Foundation announced that through the event an amount of Rs 6.61 crores has been raised in charity that will impact and touch the lives of 150000 plus people.

The Delhiites showcased the ‘Spirit Of Giving’ as thousands of runners battled it out on the course, displaying tremendous grit and determination as they ran a great race to overcome all odds. They surely made their run count!

Since inception, ADHM has raised a total of Rs 39.46 crores towards charity.

India Cares Foundation, the Philanthropy Partner of the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon firmly believes that a little support goes a long way. The impact of the funds raised at the 2015 edition of the event has transformed lives.

Through the combined efforts of Procam International, India Cares Foundation, the CSOs, the donors and the participants along with the citizens of Delhi each one has taken a step forward to make a difference in society.

With an aim to bring about a positive change in society, 71 companies, 112 corporate teams and 8817 individuals supporting 97 CSOs joined hands. The funds raised by the runners will champion the causes of social service, youth vocational training, women and child empowerment, and environment and animal welfare, among many others.

Speaking on the occasion, Murray Culshaw, Chairperson and Founder, India Cares Foundation, said, “India Cares is proud to be associated with Airtel Delhi Half Marathon to bring out the good work being done by the Civil Society Organisations and also applauds these organisations who work tirelessly to communicate their work and be accountable to one and all. We thank the people of Delhi & NCR region for contributing and supporting the participating CSOs at the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2016 in support of a wide range of causes.”

The philanthropic drive associated with all Procam International distance running events has one significant factor – transparency. Every year a docket is released which has all the facts of funds raised through the event, including featuring fundraising NGOs, individuals and companies. This charity docket was unveiled in the presence of Rachna Govil– Executive Director (Stadium), Sports Authority of India along with Ravindra Singh Negi-CEO Bharti Airtel NCR, Murray Culshaw-Chairperson and Founder, India Cares Foundation and Dilip Jayaram-CEO, Procam International.

The Youth Cares category, which aims to encourage the youth of the nation to rise up and inculcate a sense of responsibility, saw a record number of teams supporting and raising funds for various causes.

Youngsters did not let their board exams interfere with the cause they had chosen to support. A Youth Cares team comprises of 3 students who commit to raise a minimum of INR 50,000 as a team, for a cause of their choice. Eight Youth Cares teams at ADHM have collectively raised INR 20.80 lakhs benefiting 5 CSOs.

In his concluding remarks, Dilip Jayaram, CEO-Procam International, said, “Running is the only sport that raises awareness and funds for various causes. The Impact assessment is an eye opener and will elevate more runners to take to becoming friends and fund raisers. Philanthropy has been a founding pillar in the Procam International philosophy and we are glad that India Cares Foundation has been able to give it a sustainable direction and take it to new heights. Special thanks to the NDMC and Delhi Police for providing a wonderful course which is defining Delhi’s giving spirit and positively impacting 150000+ people for life”.


Care Champion (Individuals who undertake to raise a minimum of INR 5 lakh in donations for their chosen cause.)

    • Highest Fundraiser and Care Champion Diamond: Jatin Arora, raised INR 38, 57,485/- in support of Lotus Petal Foundation.

Care Champion Gold (Individuals who undertake to raise a minimum of INR 2.50 lakh in donations for their chosen cause.)

    • Kunal Bhardwaj raised INR 6, 16, 278/- in support of Lotus Petal Foundation
    • Care Champion Silver (Individuals who undertake to raise a minimum of 1 lakh in donations for their chosen cause.)
    • Murthy Chaganty raised INR 2, 64,831/- in support of Bharti Foundation

Youth Cares (Teams of 3 individuals who are students, each team aiming at raising a minimum of INR 50,000 for their chosen NGO)

    • Highest Fundraising Team: Youth Cares :Sana Ali, Saneema Ray, Umki Das raised INR 12,46,516/- in support of Lotus Petal Foundation.

Corporate Cares (Individual who raises funds of any amount in support of an CSO or cause he/she chooses)

    • Highest Corporate Contribution: KPMG Rs. 31, 50,000/-
    • 2nd Highest Corporate Contribution: Hero MotoCorp Ltd – INR 28, 25,000/-
    • Highest Corporate Cares Fundraising Team: Flour India– raised INR 21, 61,772/-

iCare fundraisers (Individual who raise funds of any amount in support of an CSO or cause he/she chooses)

    • Highest Individual iCare Fundraiser: Nandita Chakraborty raised for Lotus Petal Foundation – INR 9, 74,028/-
    • 2nd Highest Individual iCare Fundraiser: Deepak Sharma raised for Udayan Care – INR 9, 27,820.

CSOs Awards

    • Highest fundraising organisation: Bharti Foundation INR 1, 19, 84,727/-
    • 2nd Highest fundraising organisation: Lotus Petal Foundation INR 75, 74,357/-
    • 3rd Highest fundraising organisation: Udayan Care INR 70, 83,906/-


Thousands of people benefit year round from the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon. Given below are the number of people that were impacted by ADHM 2015.

Education provided:

    • 12,944 children will be provided education for the year, including scholarships.
    • 6,325 children studying in the 9th and 10th standards received career guidance.
    • 7 teachers’ salaries for the year were paid.
    • 67 trainers were trained to be instructors for IIT aspirants.
    • 237 individuals were provided vocational training.
    • 865 students were provided with books and educational materials.

Health enhanced:

    • 10,574 lives received healthcare support e.g children’s vaccinations, adults and elders were give treatments for various ailments.
    • 55,033 people were screened at various medical camps for HIV, regular medical check-up for women, elder care, eye camps, early detection camps for very young children, cancer detection camps
    • 500 infusion pumps were bought for those suffering for Thalassemia; 200 patients were given blood when needed.
    • 3 children received corrective spine surgery which will help them gain more mobility as they grow.
    • 19,606 people in various areas will benefit from community urinals/toilets/hand wash points, exclusive women’s clinics were set up, awareness camps on women’s rights, counselling of women who are abused and face domestic violence
    • 1,624 children were provided with meals for a month.

Persons with disabilities supported:

    • 2,360 special children received education.
    • 60 special children will be taken care of in a new intervention programme for a few years.
    • 400 youth with various challenges received vocational training and were made job-worthy.
    • 150 students of a centre will be transported to school for atleast 5 years from a new modified bus that was purchased for the school.
    • 2,060 persons with disabilities were taken care of by up-gradation of their facilities, special teachers training of their teachers, learning and mobility aids provided.