Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon

Rs 5.50 crore raised in funds so far at the 2016 edition

Running for an hour or two improves the lives of over 150,000 individuals throughout the year


The Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, promoted by Procam International is Delhi’s largest sporting event and will see in action over 34,000 participants from across the world. The world’s prestigious half marathon personifies the spirit and perseverance of the mind and body.

While the event continues to place emphasis on the sport of distance running, philanthropy is a fundamental area of focus at each edition. The philanthropy pillar showcases the considerable impact ADHM has on society.

The 2015 edition saw a whopping 98% jump in funds raised by the participating Civil Society Organisations (CSOs/ NGOs) over 2014. Rs 7.26 crores raised in ADHM 2015 impacted over 150,000 people directly and indirectly across various causes and initiatives during the past year.

Interestingly despite popular belief, it is not the cause of education that has touched more lives this past year – it is health: 90,716 people were impacted through direct medical care and medical camps; followed by care for 25,182 elders; 11,490 children were educated; 8,710 persons with disability supported; 8,380 individuals enhanced their livelihoods; 3,934 children were taken care off in various foster homes. There were also environmental awareness camps; community urinals and toilets built in schools; mid-day meals provided for a day or a month; life skills training imparted; teacher training modules developed; educational materials distributed; sports days scheduled. The impact of all these initiatives will go on for many years.

The 2016 edition of the event has already helped raise Rs 5.50 crore and contributions will keep coming till 30November at

Currently, 112 teams fielded by 71 Corporates have registered to run. 48 Care Champions are raising an average of Rs 2.50 lakh each. Over 175 Individuals and 40+ children and youth are raising funds for the cause they believe in. We sincerely hope that the event this year help raise more than last year.

India Cares, the event’s Philanthropy Partner works tirelessly with CSOs/ NGOs, companies, and individuals from as early as July and continue weeks after Race Day to communicate the work and impact of the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon to so many in society.

“The Airtel Delhi Half Marathon brings in so much positive change to so many lives. The impact & funds utilisation reports we receive from the CSOs/ NGOs who have raised funds in the previous year motivates all of us associated with the event to do our best,” said Murray Culshaw, Chairperson, India Cares Foundation.

“The fact that a distance running event like the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon makes so many lives better is immensely fulfilling. We at Procam International express our gratitude to every donor, partner and government agency for supporting the event and coming forward to raise awareness and mobilize funds,” said Dilip Jayaram, CEO, Procam International, promoters of the event.

Nitish Sahni a Class X student at Shri Ram School, already a passionate runner, has raised over a lakh of rupees for the visually impaired as he didn’t want to take a break in helping people just because of his Board Exams.

Ritika and Arshia students of Sriram Millennium Noida and Amity Schools respectively are together raising funds for Joining Hands working for Skill development & enhancing employability by imparting education, training and developing skills of urban poor youth in Badarpur and adjoining areas.

Bhasker Ghosh works at Oracle is a volunteer in Delhi for Isha Vidya, a CSO/ NGO working in Coimbatore, has taken up the mantle to raise funds for the cause of Education, has made sure Isha Vidya has raised over Rs 4 lakh so far.

Mira Pradeep Singh Director of Cheshire Homes-Delhi has raised over Rs 17 lakh. This is the first time they have reached out to their network and the public.

India Cares has learned that thousands of people of all ages in our society are willing to give their time and money to encourage organizations working tirelessly to better our society if they are confident that their efforts and money are going in the right direction. The Airtel Delhi Half Marathon provides a wonderful platform and the very important ingredient of confidence.