Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon


We at Procam have been closely observing the conditions, engaging with experts and are conscious that the state of air quality is not conducive. However air conditions are not a constant and the current air quality is slated to improve over the coming week.

Our biggest responsibility is to the running community. These include; the international elite athletes, the Indian elites; thousands of amateur runners, who have spent sweat and tears over months, preparing to run on a particular date. ADHM is not a spectator sport, whose dates can be changed at short notice.

Each of them, have made huge personal sacrifices, undertaken a lifestyle change, given up on their personal & family time, to run on a particular date.

There are thousands more participating in the Great Delhi Run. Hundreds more in the Champions with disability category and over a thousand more senior citizens, who are so looking forward to this inclusive platform. They have made elaborate plans, to show up and be counted on the 19th of November.  

It is this unwavering commitment from the above, which gives us the courage to move forward.

We also have a responsibility to over 102 civil society organizations (NGOs) who are raising funds and awareness at ADHM 2017. ADHM for all practical purposes is their lifeline.

The two major causes of pollution – dust and vehicular traffic are being directly addressed by us on the race day. Through the entire 21 kms course of the race, we are sprinkling salt treated effluent water to effectively settle the dust on the roads. Traffic will also be completely suspended on the said route, for almost 8 hours. These measures will greatly reduce the impact of an adverse environment, for the benefit of participants

It is unfair to ask why is ADHM back this November. To change the time window for the most prestigious half marathon in the world requires several months and the agreement of various international and national bodies. We were given to understand last year that various measures were being put in place, so that conditions we witnessed last year would not occur again. However they have occurred again, so we will do what ever it takes, to ensure that the next edition of ADHM enjoys a more favorable environment.