For those initiated into the sport of marathon running, Jones is no lesser than a living legend. What better way to describe an athlete who has 22 marathon wins under his belt and is among the top five record holders in the history of the sport. Jones has won marathons in England, West Indies, Iceland, Spain, Sweden and Norway and created history in the second London Marathon by clocking a time of '2 hrs: 9 mins: 24 secs' and winning with a record margin of '2 mins: 57 secs', a mark that still stands today.

On that day, Jones ran the last 19 miles of the marathon all alone, and the time that he recorded then places him among the top five timings in the London Marathon even today, 20 years after that historic day.

Jones has gone on to become an expert in the science and knowledge of marathon running and enjoys a tremendous relationship with athletes and organizers from around the world. He is the course measurer for the London Marathon, one of the largest marathons in the world and was also the IAAF appointed official-in-charge at the Sydney Olympics.

Mr Hugh Jones is the race director of the Delhi Half Marathon.