Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon

Elite Participation

Finisher Medal
All half marathon elite finishers will receive a Finisher Medal post their run.
Medals will not be posted to individual finishers.

Prize Money Structure
All prize money winnings are subject to prize money rules and race regulations.
[A] Top Overall Half Marathon Finishers
(includes Indian and overseas finishers)

Finish PositionAmount in US Dollars

[B] Top Indian Half Marathon Finishers
(for Indian citizens residing in India)

Finish PositionAmount in Indian Rupees

[C] Event Record Bonus

(i) Half Marathon Elite (Overall) ChampionUSD 12,000USD 12,000
(ii) Winner amongst Indian Elite Half MarathonersINR 1,00,000INR 1,00,000

[D] Indian Elite Half Marathon Record Jackpot

Indian Elite Record JackpotINR 1,00,000INR 1,00,000

Winner Medals
Winner medals will be presented to (basis the prize money structure of the half marathon elite),

  • Top 3 overall men and women finishers
  • Top 3 Indian men and women finishers

Merit Certificate
All finishers falling within the prize money structure will receive merit certificates certifying their prize money winning positions.

Timing Certificate
Timing Certificates of Half Marathon elite finishers will be available for download from the event website within 7 working days after receiving final doping test results.

  1. Race results announced on race day will be 'provisional'. Final results and entitlement to prize money shall be subject to the rules mentioned herein and the Race Regulations.
  2. Only those half marathon runners confirmed by the Event Promoter as elite starting their race at the official half marathon elite start time on Sunday, 16th October 2022 will be entitled to be considered for prize money given in Chart A and B, and bonus and jackpot earnings given in Chart C and D of the prize money structure, where applicable.
  3. A confirmed half marathon elite runner starting his/her race at any start time other the official half marathon elite start time shall be disqualified from the Event.
  4. An Elite runner, Indian or international, who is one of the top overall half marathon finishers, will be entitled to prize money stated in Chart A. The first 10 Indian elite half marathon finishers who do not finish in the top overall half marathon finishers, will be entitled to prize money in Chart B. However, where an Indian Elite runner finishes as one of the top overall marathon finishers, he/she will receive prize money stated either in Chart A or Chart B, whichever is higher.
  5. In the instance of an Indian elite availing of the higher prize money amount from Chart B, there will be no change in the overall finishing position of the said Indian elite runner; the overall finishing positions remain the same.
  6. Finish positions of the elite half marathon runners shall be basis gun time only.
  7. Half Marathon Event Record Bonus and Jackpot:
    1. Bonus for overall elite half marathon winner [Chart C(i)] – The event record bonus will be for the overall half marathon elite winner finishing sub 58:53s (Men, 58:52s or faster) / sub 1:04:46s (Women, 1:04:45s or faster).
    2. Bonus for Indian elite half marathon winner [Chart C(ii)] – The bonus amount will be for the Indian elite half marathon winner finishing sub 1:00:30s (Men, 1:00:29s or faster) / sub 1:10:31s (Women, 1:10:31s or faster).
    3. Jackpot for Indian elite half marathon finishers [Chart D] – Top Indian elite half marathon finishers, including the Indian elite half marathon winner, finishing sub 1:00:30s (Men, 1:00:29s or faster) / sub 1:10:31s (Women, 1:10:31s or faster), shall stand to win the Jackpot divided equally amongst them.
    4. The above half marathon event record bonus and jackpot is eligible only for the elite half marathon runners.
  8. Elite athletes must cross the start line within 30 seconds of gun start time to be eligible for timings, rankings and thereby prize money.
  9. In addition to the above, entitlement to finish positions and prize money winnings are also subject to–
    1. Bib tag timing captured across all timing points on the course, including at the start and finish mats,
    2. Physical verification by technical officials and anti-cheat cameras, and
    3. Dope test results (applicable only for relevant elite marathon finishers).
  10. An elite half marathon athlete refusing, for reasons whatsoever, to undergo dope testing (where chosen) will be disqualified from this Event and shall not be allowed to participate in the subsequent two editions of the Event. His/her finish position at the Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon 2022 and consequent prize money entitlement shall stand disqualified and forfeited.
  11. Athletes found to have interchanged their running number bib and/or bib tag with others, will be disqualified from the competition. Such athletes shall not be entitled to any timing or prize money (where applicable).
  12. Prize winners declared may be required to submit further proof of identity/age, as may be required by the Event Promoter, for disbursement of prize money, failing which the Promoter may, at its sole discretion, withhold disbursement or disqualify the said participant from competition.
  13. Prize money and bonus winnings are subject to applicable Indian Income Tax Rules, and the same would be borne by the winner.
  14. Indian Elite runners entitled to prize money given in Chart A, will receive prize money equivalent in Indian Rupees calculated at the applicable exchange rate as on date of disbursement.
  15. Protests and Appeals:
    1. The athlete and/or his/her representative can appeal to the Race Referee in relation to the official race results declared, in writing, within 30 minutes of the official announcement of the results on race day. Results will be put up at the elite athlete tent.
    2. The protest letter needs to be submitted at the Elite Result Appeals Desk outside the men elite athlete tent.
    3. Where the Race Referee makes a decision, the athlete and/or the representative has the right to appeal to the Jury of Appeal. An appeal to the Jury of Appeal must be made at the Elite Result Appeals Desk within 30 minutes – (i) of the official announcement of the amended result which has been arrived at from the decision by the Race Referee, or (ii) of informing the person lodging the protest that the results will not be amended.
    4. The Jury of Appeal shall deliver its decision within 14 working days of filing the appeal. The decision of the Jury of Appeal shall be final and there shall be no further right of appeal.
    5. The Protests and Appeals for the elite races will be guided by rules given in this document, and the World Athletics Competition Rules in force on race day (i.e. 16th October 2022).