Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon

Alfredo Miranda

Running is his hobby and favorite sport, he is a seasoned runner who ran his first Delhi Half Marathon back in 2005, and since then, he has been a regular participant of the event as well as many other events in NCR area, from 10K to 80K, trails and roads, summer and winter… He runs throughout the year and Half Marathon distance is part of his routine training schedule.

At present, he is working on improving his performance at Full Marathons, and that let him “free” to be Pacer in Half Marathons instead of targeting a Personal Best.

Alfredo is an active member of Delhi Runners Group (DRG), combines his own regular training with helping other runners: planning their running-goals; following up the progress; sharing his knowledge about running in blogs and social media; pacing them from time to time during the Sunday’s runs…

He has been pacer in Delhi Half Marathon many years and this edition will not be an exception. He finds it very gratifying to help other runners to achieve their goals. He is looking forward to lead the 1:40 bus.