Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon

Atul Ahuja

Atul Ahuja is a very enthusiastic runner he has been running for a year now actively. The beauty of his running is how he has improvised on his running. He has 26 half marathons and 5 Full Marathon in Mumbai and got his personal best with each run. He also has his footprints on the global circuit which covers the SCB Singapore marathon and Standard chartered Kuala lumpur Marathon and Melbourne Marathon and recently completed his Ladakh Full Marathon which is one of the toughest in terms of elevation.. As we know him he used to weigh around 104 kgs 4 years back and now weighs around 71 kg he is an inspiration for all of us for a person who was never an active runner and in 2 years has created new benchmarks in running. He is also a very active squash and tennis player and keeps representing his corporate Standard Chartered bank for the same. His mental strength is very strong and a great motivator as he has also created a running group in his Bank with around 50 active members . After being in such a responsible position he still rises everyday early in the morning and runs 4 days and plays tennis 3 days. Hats off to such a person who is so disciplined in life and his fat to fit story is really inspiring.