Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon

Gurleen Arora

Gurleen Arora
Female, 42 years
FSSA Certified for Functional strength Training
Certified Marathon Trainer

An IT professional currently proud homemaker. She never ran however today, she lives to run.

A typical Delhi girl, interested in keeping herself fit but never actively indulged in any sports activity post school. After graduation came marriage, jobs, children and inter-city relocations with her family, leaving her with little time for herself or exercise. Post marriage she gave birth to two kids and had lots of women related problems. So much so that in 2015, when her children were 13 and 3 respectively, she weighed 90+ kgs. That is when she decided to embark upon this journey of metamorphizing herself and running came by chance.

Seeing people running motivated her to register for Pinkathon 10Kms run and that’s where her journey began in 2015. Her first 10kms and she clocked within 70 mins, lot of fellow runners motivated her to start this sport and than she never looked back.
Since then she has done countless half marathons, full marathons and Ultra runs in different parts of the country like Leh, Mumbai, Guwahati, New Delhi, Goa, Jaipur, Amritsar and so on. She has podium finishes to her credit including one in Ladhak Full Marathon (42kms) and in Chambhal Ultra (50Kms). She has completed Tuffman 80KM ultra challenge and recently nailed the world’s toughest and highest ultra run – Khardungla (5370m) 72km challenge (KC).

With various interest and cross functional trainings, she has done multiple cycling events and summited Everest Base Camp (EBC).
Her biggest motivation to continue running is to be fit and lead healthy lifestyle. Running helps her to be disciplined. She believes that all sports or passion needs family support and sometime you need to sacrifice few things to attain what you aim for. She Infact brought her husband and daughter too into running.
She narrates that “You need to believe in yourself and things will fall in place. Remember life begins at the end of your comfort zone. “WORK HARD DREAM BIG NEVER GIVE UP.” Its a complete change in lifestyle which is initially hard to say NO but attainable if that’s your choice.

She is looking forward to pace you during VDHM 2022 as she believes “Achievements does not require extraordinary ability, Achievement comes from ordinary abilities,
Applied with extraordinary persistence.”
She strongly desires that your running goals get materialised.