Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon


Full Name: Manuvel Mezhukanal
Gender: Male
Age: 51
Designation: Chairman & Managing Director
Name of the Organization: Manuvel Malabar Jewellers

Manuvel Mezhukanal is a very focused individual who has the perseverance to ensure his body’s adaptability to the thoroughness and challenges required for a marathon. His training for the marathon started with coach Gagan Arora in October 2021. It is to his credit that he completed three half marathons even before completing one year of training. The marathon accomplishments that make him delighted are his personal best performances of 10 K @ 00:53:15 and 21 k @ 02:12:50.

Being at the helm of a successful business enterprise and involved in many social and philanthropic activities he has a busy schedule. Yet, his persistence and determination coupled with his love for running gets him all set early in the morning for the regular training. It is his steadfastness that helps him overcome the pressures and trials of the business world and at the same time enjoy his running too.

The motivator in him has succeeded to encourage his 70 staff to join the Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon. He is also a self-motivator who continuously works on himself to improve his timing and striving for his personal bests. The friendly and charismatic Manuvel believes in doing well by doing good. He is keen on his pacing responsibility, and it is his innate nature to help people win. He has taken up the pacer opportunity with immense pride and hopes to make his bus riders task comfortable.