Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon

Namrata Agarwal

Namrata Agarwal, a banker by profession and a runner by heart, has been into running for the past 6 years.

My first run was TSK 2017, when I started with 10kms and struggled completing the same with a timing of 90mins. The fact itself that so many people irrespective of being differently abled are completing a distance of 21kms inspired me to do more.

I still cannot believe, I have covered this long journey and fallen for running like nothing else.

Slow and steady wins the race is not only a saying, but also something I deeply believe in.

Losing 15kgs, hitting quite a number of podiums and having a PB in 10kms with a timing of 57 mins is itself an achievement for all my hard work.

The goal is not what matters, the journey and the memories is all that count.

The role of a pacer is not easy. When so many runners will board my bus, with the hope to achieve a set timing, it is a big responsibility and the smiles at the finish line will be the best gift.

Looking forward to the world’s most prestigious half marathon, let us run with a smile, finish strong and make the best memories.

See you at the start line!!!