Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon

Nidhi Gupta

Hello everyone, I am Nidhi Gupta ,45 years old , happily married and a mother of 2 almost adult girls !! I am a media professional with post graduation in mass media and communications and a wide range of work experience with different advertising agencies . Apart from being a big time social butterfly ( as tagged by family and friends ) , i am currently working with my brother Kunal gupta in his company SUHANASAFAR a hardcore travel company .My fortay being events and media ,we added this wing to our travel business and i am heading the events wing ( corporate and private ) at SUHANASAFAR.
For me , i have always been a fitness freak but never knew running could be one of the sports available ever , untill i met the group of people who use to train in lodhi garden ,delhi where me and my husband were regular walkers !! This triggered something and here i began !! since 5 years i am training with coach Gagan arora ,with his group KOSMIC RUNNING at lodhi gardens, god bless him for introducing running to my life !! From being a total non runner ,i started my 3kms journey from pinkathon delhi …and then my first half marathon at our very popular DELHI RUN ADHM , now our very own VDHM !! This is closest to my heart being our very own DILLI RUN ..and started my first charity assignment with this and raised money for Naz foundation !! phillianthrophy is one beautiful part of VDHM that connects my heart to this !!

started my running in 2018 with my first 21km at ADHM and then every year !!

have done twice TMM 21km mumbai , 21kms twice at ladakh marathon since 2018 have been doing NDM (21kms) and this year 2022 did my maiden pacing at NDM 21KMS 2.30 bus .
Also i am a pinkathon ambassador and provided these NAB foundation kids with running shoes to facilitate their running in pinkathon ! .

Being a media person i am always in commotion and among people and i really love to be a …but apart from the thrill that Running has got into my life , it has taught me a lot of patience because its an art that you need to master gradually to love and enjoy this ! where in school taking 2 rounds of playground was a punishment , today running has become an essential part, an addiction ! Though i am not a fast runner as i just enjoy that flow , but yes as a pacer i totally understand , believe and it gives me immense pleasure to get my passengers their personal best timings ,the targets that they are looking for with a broad smile on their faces !! Its an honour to be a procam pacer as this challenges me to be a smooth bridge between the runners and their targets !!

look forward to our very own VDHM with a full heart , illwelcome all my passengers and fellow runners to love enjoy and run your targets in this beautiful terrain of DILLI MERI JAAN !!