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Finding motivation

As much as running is a process of self-discovery, supporting and donating /fundraising for a cause is a personal and emotional journey. When these two personal choices/journeys embrace each other, magic happens. Knowing that you are not just running for your personal goals but for a cause, gives you that added motivation in the process

Creating a positive impact

As a fundraiser, you involve your loved ones, friends, colleagues, neighbors or absolutely anyone you can directly or indirectly influence, generating greater awareness to the cause and the work of the NGO you have selected. The ripple effect of your efforts have lasting positive impact on the cause, beyond race day! A Runner Fundraiser champions the cause/NGO selected. Here is your chance to become a part of something bigger

Additional* benefitsFundraising and supporting a cause, though fun, is not always easy. The Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon applauds and recognises your efforts and provides gratification exclusive to individual fundraisers, corporates, run clubs.

  • Recognition by the platform and the supporting Cause/NGO
  • Official Event Kitting
  • Cheer points on the route
  • Fundraising Tips
  • Personalized Training Plans
  • Invitation to Ancillary Events such as Carbo-Loading Fest, Beyond the Finish Line. 
  • Race Day Benefits
  • Recognition in Event Dockets and social media 

* Depending upon the number of funds raised by individuals, corporates, and NGOs. Please see the charity structure for more details.

Every charity runner will find their project here. Your contributions will help people far and near, in the short term and the long term. Now that you know which charity cause you can contribute to, here’s how you can do it.

You can help even with a single step in the Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon. Set up your fundraiser!

For information, write to or log on to

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