Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon

prize money rules

  1. Race results announced on race day will be ‘provisional’. Final results and entitlement to prize money shall be subject to the rules mentioned herein and the Race Regulations.
  2. Only those half marathon runners confirmed by the Event Promoter as elite starting their race at the official half marathon elite start time on race day will be entitled to be considered for prize money specifically carved out for the half marathon elite race category.
  3. Half Marathon runners not confirmed as elite must start their race from the designated start line, at the official start time of the half marathon (amateurs/open) race category on race day; starting your race at any other start time/place will lead disqualification of your participation from the 2022 edition.
  4. Only confirmed half marathon (amateurs/open) runners falling within the age groups given below, and starting their race in accordance with point 3 above will be entitled to be considered for prize money mentioned in the prize money structure for marathon (amateurs/open) race category:
    Age group: 18 yrs. to less than 25 yrs. Age group: 25 yrs. to less than 30 yrs.
    Age group: 30 yrs. to less than 35 yrs. Age group: 35 yrs. to less than 40 yrs.
    Age group: 40 yrs. to less than 45 yrs. Age group: 45 yrs. to less than 50 yrs.
    Age group: 50 yrs. to less than 55 yrs. Age group: 55 yrs. to less than 60 yrs.
    Age group: 60 yrs. to less than 65 yrs. Age group: 65 yrs. to less than 70 yrs.
    Age group: 70 yrs. and above  
  5. Finish positions of amateur half marathon runners falling within the age groups (as mentioned in point 4 above) will be based on net finish times only.
  6. Runners must cross the start line by 7:05AM.
  7. The cut-off of finish time for prize money entitlement for the half marathon (amateur) race categories is 3 hours from start time.
  8. In addition to the above, entitlement to finish positions and prize money winnings are also subject to–
    1. Bib tag timing captured across all timing points on the course, including at the start and finish mats, and
    2. Physical verification by technical officials and anti-cheat cameras.
  9. Runners found to have interchanged their running number bib and/or bib tag with others, will be disqualified from the competition. Such runners shall not be entitled to any timing or prize money (where applicable).
  10. Prize winners declared may be required to submit further proof of identity/age, as may be required by the Event Promoter, for disbursement of prize money, failing which the Promoter may, at its sole discretion, withhold disbursement or disqualify the said participant from competition.
  11. Prize Money is subject to applicable Indian Income Tax Rules, and the same would be borne by the winner.
  12. Half Marathon age category winners from overseas will receive prize money equivalent in U S Dollars calculated at the applicable exchange rate as on date of disbursement.
  13. Protests and Appeals:
    1. Any confirmed half marathon (amateur) runner of the Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon 2022 can lodge a protest in relation to the official race results in relation to the age category finish positions declared after the race
    2. Your Protest must be emailed to
    3. Only the protest letters received on or before Thursday, 20th October 2022, will be entertained.
    4. A jury shall deliberate, verify and deliver its decision on the Protest within 14 working days of receiving the Protest Letter. The decision will be intimated to the person lodging the protest and shall be featured on the event website, where in favourable
    5. Decision of the Event Promoter shall be final and binding on all.
  14. Timing results: Where the timing result of an amateur half marathon runner with respect to his/her gender and/or age, is required to be updated online, the runner needs to write, no later than 20/10/2022, at, specifying the nature of edit required and attaching the relevant proof of change. Requests received after 20/10/2022 will not be entertained.
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