Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon

confirmation criteria

Entry to the Open 10K race category will be confirmed based on the ‘confirmation criteria’ explained in detail below:

I] Timed Runner
*’Applicants’ please note
You must have participated in a distance running event which fulfils the following requirements:

  1. The running event must have been conducted on or after 1st October 2019
  2. Timings of only marathon (42.195 km), 25 km, half marathon (21.097 km) ,10 km and 5 km distances will be considered to qualify for the Open 10K race category. Timing certificate of a recognized timed relay races, where an individual runner covers a distance of minimum 10 km, will also be considered to qualify for Open 10 KM race category only.
  3. To be eligible for confirmation under this criterion your timing certificate needs to show your finish time as specified below
    Distance Participated in Finish Time
    Marathon (42.195 km) 06:54:00 or faster
    25 km Run 03:58:00 or faster
    Half Marathon (21.097 km) 03:18:35 or faster
    10 km 01:30:00 or faster
    5 km 00:45:00 or faster
  4. While submitting timing certificate to fulfill this timing qualification criteria, applicants to note the following points:
    You must have participated in an on-ground distance running event which fulfills the following requirements –

    1. The on-ground running event must have been conducted on or after 1st October 2019.
    2. The course is measured either by an accredited World Athletics/AIMS measurer using the calibrated bicycle method OR by a local state athletic association representative using a GPS measurement device. Measurement by GPS device has been found to underestimate course length by approximately 100m over a 10KM distance so the target reading for a GPS-measured marathon should be 1% more than the advertised distance, i.e., 10.1 km. Equivalent GPS device target lengths for other race distances would be 5km : 5.05km; 20km: 20km; Half Marathon:21.31 km; 25km: 25.25km; Marathon: 42.62km. The measurement report must be uploaded onto the official website of the event.
    3. All runners are compulsorily timed using the RFID technology.
      1. Timing tags must be pasted on to the bibs before handing over the running number bibs to the runners -timing tags must not be handed out loose to the runners.
      2. The provisional timing results are displayed on the website within 12 hours of published close hour of the race.
      3. Final race results should be available on the event website and verifiable online.
  5. The qualification timings mentioned above (point 3) will be considered only for confirmation eligibility of an applicant in the Open 10K race category. Timing results, rankings and certificates of the Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon 2022 will be generated only for runners who complete the 10K distance within 1 hour 30 minutes from their start time.
  6. Please note, accepting timing certificates of an event for entry confirmation is at the sole discretion of the Event Promoter, Procam International.

II] Women’s Criteria
To encourage women’s participation, there are a limited number of running places reserved for women applicants who cannot submit a timing certificate or do not fall within the timings mentioned above.

III] General Criteria
There are a limited number of running places reserved under this criteria. Applications under general category will be accepted on first come first served basis and the event promoter will stop accepting applications as and when the limited running spaces kept aside for “General Category” are filled. No timing certificate will be needed to apply in this race category.

IV] Charity Running Places
NGOs registered with the event’s philanthropy partner, United Way Delhi, have been allotted limited charity running places, which can be availed by applicants directly through the participating NGOs. Charity running places will be available with the participating NGOs for a donation till 7th October 2022, or until charity running places last, whichever is earlier.
Applicants, under charity running places, will also need to submit–

    1. Mandatory documents required for application submission, e.g.: Govt. approved personal photo identification document,
    2. COVID-19 vaccination certificate certifying the applicant being fully vaccinated (at least 2 doses) at the time of applying for the race.
    3. Charity Bibs are available from 2nd September 2022. Those registering post 30th September will not have their names on the bibs and will be allotted the last line-up section in the timed race categories.

For information on Charity Running Places and the list of participating NGOs, write to or log on to 

Confirmed participants of the DHM 2022 are requested to visit the event website:  for regular updates.

Priority Line-Up on Race Day

Applicants who had applied for and gets confirmed in the half marathon race category will get allotted line-up sections for race day start (16th October 2022) based on the finish timings mentioned on respective timing certificates submitted at the time of application.
Line Up Sections*
When submitting finish time of 10 KM distance:

Section Section Start Time Section End Time
A 00:49:59
B 00:50:00 00:59:59
C 01:00:00 01:04:59
D 01:05:00 01:09:59
E 01:10:00 01:19:59
F 01:20:00 onwards

Where submitting finish time of the 5 KM distance:

Section Section Start Time Section End Time
A 00:23:58
B 00:23:59 00:28:46
C 00:28:47 00:31:10
D 00:31:11 00:33:33
E 00:33:34 00:38:21
F 00:38:22 onwards

Where submitting finish time of the Half Marathon (21.097 KM) distance:

Section Section Start Time Section End Time
A 01:50:19
B 01:50:20 02:12:22
C 02:12:23 02:23:24
D 02:23:25 02:34:26
E 02:34:27 02:56:30
F 02:56:31 onwards

Where submitting the finish time of 25K distance:

Section Section Start Time Section End Time
A 02:12:03
B 02:12:04 02:38:28
C 02:38:29 02:51:41
D 02:51:42 03:04:53
E 03:04:54 03:31:18
F 03:31:19 onwards

Where submitting the finish time of Marathon (42.195 KM) distance.

Section Section Start Time Section End Time
A 03:50:00
B 03:50:01 04:36:00
C 04:36:01 04:59:00
D 04:59:01 05:22:00
E 05:22:01 06:08:00
F 06:08:01 onwards

*The line-up sections given above are indicative and may undergo a change, which will be communicated on the event website post closure of all registrations.

Important: Confirmed applicants improving their timing performance post submission of application can request for changing the Line-Up section only till 30th September 2022, valid timing certificate needs to be provided for this on email:

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