Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon


Mr. Raman Gauba is an energetic and a committed athlete. Running to him is like meditation, the only way to spend time with himself and to communicate to his inner self. Its easier for him to make his days schedule while running. He had always been into sports till his post-graduation but running was never his area of interest.

In 2017, he was weighed around 100kgs. The fear of being obese started haunting him. On the first day of his daughter’s pre-school he started his journey of “fat to fit”. Only walking wasn’t helping hence he started running to achieve his goal. To keep himself motivated he registered himself for his first HM. With only a few months to practise and he finished it in 2:37. Since then he has completed uncountable half marathons and 4 full marathons. The longest he ran was a trail run of 56kms. His personal best of HM is 1:43 at ADHM virtual 2021 n FM is 4:17.

Raman is now thriving hard to become a triathlete, so managing time and striking a balance between all three sports, workouts, work and family is his target. He considers himself fortunate enough to have truly understanding family, awesome friends who support him and great coaches for guidance.

This is his first official pacing endeavour and he is very excited about it. He is well aware that how a runner feels when he is attempts to break his personal best. Long runs are not long when you are communicating to each other. Engaging, motivating and communicating will be the key to cross finish line with a big smile.