Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon


Randeep is a passionate runner, who started his running journey in 2008 , at the age of 43 , grossly over weight and hardly able to run 500 mtrs at a go.

From 104 in 2008 to 73 kgs present wt

Ran his 1st half marathon in feb 2009, 1st ultra in November 2010.

Randeep has learnt a lot from learning & is able to use the learnings in all aspects of his life from work to personal.

Running is like meditation, that time you are out for a run in the morning is “me time”, gets you ready for the day ahead, a good run in the morning can charge you up for the day ahead.

Early years got addicted to ultra running, ran the Bhatti 100 miler , 7 x 24 hour runs , 4 x 12 hour runs + multiple shorter distances ranging from 50-80 kms.

The 2 constants over the years have been the ADHM ( now the VDHM) and the Mumbai marathons.

2015 decided to try & do the world majors, started the journey with Chicago in 2016 & will hopefully have been completed with the London marathon before VDHM.

It has been an amazing journey, the key has been the consistency, randeep regularly runs between 5-6 days a week & a mileage ranging from 60-100 kms a week, depending on any specific events being trained for.

Over the years the goals , the bar keeps changing, but running remains constant.

Randeep’s mantra- consisntency is key , there are no bad runs, only good & very good. Age is just a number. Has run some of his best runs well past 50.