Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon

Shruti Agarwal

1. Shruti Agrawal

2. Running doesn’t add days to her life, it adds life to her days being monotonous. From the past 20 years, she has completed the joy of being free, circling around what one may call a tedious task. She is both persistent and consistent with what may come, handling both her household and her passion as well. Challenging indeed!

Starting off as a homemaker pacing the roads with the mere urge of exercising, no sooner did the lady realise her potential to wave off so bright. Till date, she has bagged 9 medals for 21kms, 14 for 10kms, she also takes pride in running plenty marathon runs. In addition to these the runner has secured completion of 42kms in 04:39:15hrs and 10kms in 00:59:06hrs.

Running is definitely her way of relaxing. She reiterates how during her initial runs she was a naive devoid of the various running essentials like sprinter shoes!

She further states, “Volunteering as a pacer is a hugely positive and rewarding experience and I am really looking forward to supporting my pace group and helping them to achieve their goals, for it doesn’t matter whether you come in first, in the middle of the pack or be the last, the satisfaction, the sense of accomplishment is all that it counts for!”
Running can be whatever you want it to be tough, easy, social, competitive, stress busting or simply a sport but what it brings to a person is far more outreached than the mere thought of it.

It has given Mrs. Shruti Agarwal a new lease of life and as intended, she is willing to introduce and inculcate this habit of walking, crossing and running roads, for there are skies to reach.