Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon

Vineet Agarwal

VINEET Agarwal, Male, 52, Founder & Ceo of T10 sports..

Running since 2010. He will drive the 2 hour bus. He believes Sub-2 is a psychological milestone for half marathoners and one that provides a tremendous high, a sense of true accomplishment. He should know. The first time he got there in Adhm , he scraped through in 1:59:59!

He is a well known and hugely popular figure in the sports community in thr NCR. He is an accomplished runner , having done a 1:40 at ADHM a few years ago. Numerous full marathons, Comrades 2015, Ironman 2016, Ultra Ironman 2017, 162 km – 2012, 220K- 2013, 338 km- 2019 – he’s been there, done That. Also was driver of 1.50 hour bus in the past

Vineet intends to do a near even paced run, starting off a bit slower and then easing into a steady rhythm as the kms tick by. Unlike his firs sub2, he hopes to get you home with some seconds to spare